Monday, May 18, 2015

Just Getting By (Short Animation by Friendly Panda Creations)

Check out this short animation of one of my favorite songs from the band Tenth Avenue North.

As the song says: Life could take a toll, everyday demands; so much energy so many mundane plans. So we go digital, purely physical - hey it's just medicinal, we need to ease our minds. 

Day-to-day each person goes on with their lives, and the cities which are filled with color could actually be filled with people who are worn out.

Just some thoughts to think about.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Site List Where You Can Download Free Beautiful Stock Photos

Engage your audience with the best free high-quality powerful stock photos. Here is a list of sites where you can download them!


 The photographs of Ryan McGuire are quirky and out-of-the-ordinary, all of which can be used as is for personal and commercial projects.

Visually stunning high-resolution photos. All free, without any copyright restrictions. Unsplash uploads 10 new photos every 10 days.

Compfight lets you search Flickr for images that are free-to-use. Just type a keyword on the search box and the site searches through the entirety of Flickr which you can use for any project.

Another awesome site for free high-quality is Splitshire. The site includes different categories such as Abstract, Bokeh, Still Life and Wedding, for all your various needs.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Basic Vector Characters Using Shapes - Illustrator Tutorial

For beginners in using Adobe Illustrator, it may seem complicated to use at first. That's why I've uploaded a simple project anyone could follow. Creating characters using basic shapes are easy, and in this time-lapse video you could get some ideas on what to do.

In Illustrator, it is a huge key to think in shapes. Most objects can be created from basic shapes, and we can create characters using these shapes.

The Pathfinder is also your friend. You can combine shapes, subtract shapes, divide a shape (and more) to create a new kind of shape.

Check out the video here:


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Vector Hair Strands - Basic Tutorial

Some years ago, I've made a video tutorial on making hair strands for vector portraits. I remember finding it so much fun to do and very interesting. Often, when I am making these portraits, I really have no idea how it's gonna turn out but then I surprise myself when it comes out really beautiful. 


So here's the video. It's not actually a tutorial though - I just captured how I make the process for the base hair, and haven't put it into much detail.

With the pen tool set to make paths, not to make shapes, I create single curved strokes and then while holding Ctrl + Alt, I drag each stroke to duplicate it and to make multiple copies of paths. With the brush set to Opacity 100% and the second default Hard Round brush, I stroke the path and...voila!

The video shows how I copy all these to make the hair of the subject. Well, I didn't really capture how I made the rest of the hair, and wishing I did, but for the rest of the hair, I've done the same process except with varying colors and brush sizes. 

And here is how it turned out when I finished making it.

Sorry about not explaining how I made the rest of the portrait but hopefully I could make more tutorials in the near future.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Featured Art: Head Underwater (Lyric Video)

I had a fun time creating this fan-made lyric video of a new Flyleaf song called "Head Under Water". I was able to apply some of what I've learned in using Adobe After Effects, while also exploring new things with Vegas Pro. 

A character is added to the lyric video as a point-of-interest. I tried to give her personality from the message of the song.

Check out more lyric videos at the Friendly Panda Creations Youtube channel!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Cute PNG Resource Pack - Free Download

Free download of PNG resource pack "Dreamer" by Friendly Panda Creations

Here are 10 images you can download for free! featuring some cute images made by me. I call this resource pack "Dreamer".

The pack includes images of a rainbow crayon, star, an axolotl, a dandelion seed, cloud, tree, book, mobius strip, an earth and moon in love, and a sad blue dot. All images are in .png (Portable Network Graphics) file format with the transparency. You are free to use the images in any way you want. A thank you would be nice as well. :)

You can download the pack here.

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Typography inspired by a reddit r/GetMotivated post

A lot of people were inspired by the words of a user on the reddit sub r/GetMotivated. It prompted me to create typography from some of his words, that inspired thousands of others as well.

The reddit user talked about how life should be treasured, and offered valuable words. Here are some of them found in these photos.


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Problem With Phones: Old Phone vs. Smart Phone

Phones have evolved and become a part of our lives since the 80’s. Today, our phones are now considered smart – with the ability to connect to the powerful world-wide web and to do thousands of things.
But what made older phones, such as Nokia, efficient during their time – and I would consider to still be efficient today, and would be able to rival today’s wide array of phones?

1. Battery Life.

Today’s phones quickly expend battery life, and you’ll be finding yourself using your phone next to the socket with a charger on it often.

Power banks were recently made to solve this, for when people are on the road and unable to charge their device. 

Older phones have battery life that last 5-7 days even with usage, and so aren’t much of a hassle.

2. Simple and Straightforward.

The original phone has two main functions. It is used mainly for calling and texting.  As time went by, new features were added such as music, camera, video, internet, applications, and so on. But we’re still mainly using the phone for these two main functions, right? Nope. Times have changed!

Today, the phone’s function may have changed drastically as advancements in technology make way for internet usage being more widely available. was recently launched in the Philippines, and Facebook is becoming our top means for communication.

Still, I like the older phones for its simplicity. People, then, only needed to know how to send an SMS or call and had no troubles doing so. While right now, obstacles such as using a QWERTY layout and digging through the confusing apps prove to be a slight difficulty, as well as some time to learn the various interfaces of common websites we visit today.

3. No Unnecessary Data.

Older phones, as I said, were simpler times. Today’s phone experience offers a LOT of free options through applications available for download. While more is good, most of these apps are unnecessary and come with unnecessary load such as advertisements.

4. Sturdy.

Nokia phones. Need I say more? Check out this Quora article on the history of Nokia, and why indestructible is often associated with it.

Cons of the Old Phone

Old phones function mainly for call and SMS. What today’s smart phone improves on those functions is the user interface for doing these tasks. Text messages are now stacked based on the contact as a conversation. The new phone’s improved memory and disk space also makes storing these data  better and can hold thousands of text messages.

The Dream Phone

If the Internet didn’t become that much of a necessity in our modern times, it would be awesome for a phone that combines all these strengths to create a simple and powerful phone for the basic user.
Battery life and sturdiness would still be like older times.

Basic functions are prioritized, and adapt a better interface and better efficiency thanks to more space and memory.